(Founder Partner)

  • Holder of double degrees in Law and Literature.

  • Admitted as solicitor in Hong Kong and in other jurisdictions, namely, England and Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Singapore.

  • Founding partner of the firm Messrs. WONG AND CHAN.

  • Appointed as Notary Public in Hong Kong and in England.

  • Appointed China-Appointed Attesting Officer.


Mr. Wong over time developed his areas of legal speciality in handling complex commercial litigation cases and, above all, work pertaining to commercial and corporate matters including, among others, merger and acquisition and corporate finance. Conveyancing practice especially its corporate aspect certainly still takes up some of his significant working time when complicated legal issues have called for his personal attention. In particular, he has overseen the legal documentation in quite a number of conveyancing projects involving project finance and sale of individual units in such projects.


He has indeed travelled quite broadly in Mainland China over the past 15 years and have thus developed his China-related practice and most notably in Shanghai. As such, he has become the Chief Legal Representative of our Shanghai Representative Office set up with the approval of Ministry of Justice in Peking since 2003. By the end of 2006, he had successfully fostered and thus established our firm’s formal association with Jin Mao P.R.C. Lawyers in Hong Kong, it being one of the leading law firms in Shanghai. Recently, he has been involved personally in listing work of our firm and especially in the flourishing LSE and AIM in London and listing in Frankfurt and also in Hong Kong. He has now been frequently involved in advising clients, notably China entrepreneurs and the UK clients, on the legal aspects (contentious or otherwise) of their business and operation as well as listing projects both within or without Hong Kong in his increasingly extensive cross-border practice.